Greece: Vatican Delegation Sees Progress in Helping Refugees, but More Needs to Be Done

The Vatican visit highlighted the continuing plight of refugees and migrants seeking sanctuary in Greece, especially on the Greek islands. While the delegation acknowledged the energies devoted to caring for refugees, it urged both the Greek government and the European Union to make still greater efforts to relieve their dire conditions.

Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side? Dispelling Migration Myths in Guinea

For Mohammed, a young Guinean, emigrating to seek better perspectives seemed the obvious thing to do until he actually tried it. Like Mohammed, many young Guineans are pushed to undertake dangerous journeys by dire economic and social conditions. But some grassroots organizations are working to dispel myths surrounding migration.

Supporting Integration of Refugees in Small European Communities

More refugees than ever before are settling in smaller towns across Europe than ever before. These communities may face different challenges than their larger counterparts when it comes to welcoming refugees. Early in November, ICMC Europe’s SHARE Integration Project held an international conference in The Hague to discuss the integration of refugees in smaller municipalities across Europe.