Picking Goals to Best Implement the Global Compact for Migration

The Civil Society Action Committee, co-convened by ICMC, is identifying priorities for civil society engagement in the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration. The committee’s members and other partner organizations across the world are multiplying their impact through coordination.

NGOs Call on European Union to Admit More Refugees

ICMC Europe has joined other civil society organizations in a call to open additional, legal and safe admission pathways for refugees in the region that would offer them more protection and opportunities to rebuild their lives.

Civil Society Ready Partner to Make Global Compact for Migration a Reality


The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) and other civil society actors have underlined their commitment to work with UN Member States to put the newly adopted international agreement on migration into action.

All Migrants Must Have Access to Health Care


Migrants’ access to health care services is often obstructed and their marginalized status makes it difficult for them to seek the help they need. ICMC urges governments to prioritize health care access for people on the move.