ICMC President: Church’s Teachings Challenge Troubling Migration Policies and Practices

As countries of destination increasingly close their doors to migrants and refugees, ICMC President Dr. Anne T. Gallagher believes the Church’s teachings present challenges to migration policies and practices that fail to protect human rights and human dignity.

Picking Goals to Best Implement the Global Compact for Migration

The Civil Society Action Committee, co-convened by ICMC, is identifying priorities for civil society engagement in the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration. The committee’s members and other partner organizations across the world are multiplying their impact through coordination.

Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side? Dispelling Migration Myths in Guinea

For Mohammed, a young Guinean, emigrating to seek better perspectives seemed the obvious thing to do until he actually tried it. Like Mohammed, many young Guineans are pushed to undertake dangerous journeys by dire economic and social conditions. But some grassroots organizations are working to dispel myths surrounding migration.