Protecting Women from Abuse in the Workplace

Women worldwide face the risk of abuse and harassment in the workplace, and businesses, governments and civil society are responsible for providing discrimination-free work environments. Gender-based violence, along with sustainable development, were two main topics discussed during the International Labour Organization’s annual conference.

New Handbook on the Prevention of Human Trafficking

In order to end the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation, it is crucial to keep in mind the cycle of human rights violations that begins well before a person is actually trafficked. This is one of the key messages of a new anti-trafficking handbook for practitioners, advocates and community organizers.

Opinion: The Global Compacts Should Not Fail Refugees and Migrants

Initially intended to be both comprehensive and a step forward in protecting large numbers of people on the move worldwide, the two international agreements currently being negotiated at the United Nations risk falling short of their aspirations. However, there’s still some room to fix them.

A Plea for Migrants and Refugees: No One Should Fall Through the Cracks

Civil society and international organizations as well as like-minded governments are lobbying for the future global agreements on migration and refugees to take into account non-traditional refugees, disaster- and climate-related displacement and vulnerable persons in complex and fluid contexts.