Unaccompanied Refugee Children in Niger Need More and Faster Resettlement

Governments need to allocate larger quotas for resettling unaccompanied refugee children evacuated from Libya to Niger and the processing times need to be shorter, humanitarian expert Nathalie Achten urged an international gathering in Geneva today.

Listening to the Voices of Syrian Refugee Children and Youth

“Young Syrian refugees in Jordan face many challenges, but they still can share their voices. It is their right to be heard and it is our responsibility to listen.” With these words, humanitarian worker Amira Kalboneh summarized the message and purpose of the book “Through A Different Lens,” launched in Geneva on 19 June.

Volunteering to Foster Refugee Integration: The Example of Turkey

Volunteering can play a valuable role in strengthening refugees’ integration. With this idea in mind, the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) and the Human Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) partnered in a Refugee Protection and Service Delivery Dialogue project.

2018 Aurora Prize Laureate Chooses ICMC to Receive Grant

The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity was awarded to Mr. Kyaw Hla Aung on 10 June 2018. A lawyer and activist for equality, education and human rights for the Rohingya people in Myanmar, Mr. Aung chose the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) as one of the recipients of the USD 1 million award.

Facilitating the Integration of Refugees in the European Union

“LINK IT” is a newly launched project aimed at facilitating the socio-economic integration of some 500 Syrian refugees resettled in the United Kingdom, Romania, Portugal and Germany. By linking pre-departure activities with post-arrival support, the project will enable a smoother adjustment to the countries of resettlement and their labor markets.

Participatory Photography Empowers Young Syrians as Peace-Builders in Jordan

“It’s so beautiful. I can’t believe I am looking at a photo that I took exhibited in an art gallery,” says 12-year-old Nuha, with tears of pride and excitement brimming in her eyes. “It’s funny that the photo is of my brother, though.”