A Former Refugee Himself, a Newly Appointed Bishop Encourages Americans to Open Their Hearts to Migrants and Refugees

Fr Nguyen knows first-hand what it is like being a refugee. As he prepares to be ordained as a bishop on 19 December, Fr Nguyen pledges to continue preaching to open people’s hearts and minds to refugees’ struggles and dreams. In early October, Pope Francis named Fr Thanh Thai Nguyen as an auxiliary bishop of Orange County, Southern California.

ICMC Statement Calls for Compact on Migration That “Goes in the Right—and Rights—Direction”

In the process leading up to the Global Compact on Migration, to be agreed upon by states late next year, the International Catholic Migration Commission emphasized that “millions depend on a Compact that goes in the right direction.”

Integrating Migrants and Refugees, a Two-Way Road That Benefits Everyone

Integrating migrants and refugees into host societies should be a two-way road that benefits — and requires efforts from — all involved parties. For this to happen, a change of perception is needed. This was the main message from participants at a high-level panel held on the sidelines of the 108th Council of the UN Agency for Migration (IOM), which met in Geneva on 30 November and 1 December 2017.