Life as an ICMC Deployee in Ethiopia: Fareed’s Story

Through a partnership between ICMC and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), ICMC deploys experts to UNHCR field offices globally. Fareed Accram, a refugee resettlement expert, was deployed to Melkadida, Ethiopia in 2015 where he interviewed refugees and referred them for resettlement to third countries.  He recounts his perspective of living and working in this remote and difficult operation.

Back to School: Syrian Refugees Have a Chance at an Education Through ICMC’s Child Friendly Space

The sound of cutting paper, squishing paint and dropping pencils accompanies the laughter, singing and clapping of hands that echo through ICMC’s Child Friendly Space. Eleven-year-old Zaid’s voice can be heard above the buzz. “I’m going to give my story to my mum,” he says.

ICMC Welcomes Multiple Solutions, With Multiple Actors to Build a Global Compact on Refugees

Mantalin Kyrou, Policy Associate at the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) delivered a statement yesterday during the 1st Thematic Discussion on the Global Compact for Refugees. The statement, entitled “Back to the future: Responsibilities we Share, Solutions we Know” welcomed the idea of multiple solutions, with multiple actors to build a Compact worthy of agreement and implementation.

Implementation, Implementation, Implementation: The 2017 GFMD Civil Society Days Ended in Berlin With a Call for Achievable Solutions

The Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development  (GFMD CSD) came to an end on Saturday 1st July, with a clear message from civil society delegates to governments and the world: we need to focus on the implementation of commitments.

Rima Redefines Her Refugee Identity After Attending a Beauty Training

Pulling her young daughter, Naya*, into her lap, Rima* gently weaves intricate plaits into the 3-year-old’s hair. Naya’s initial excitement is short lived, though; she soon loses patience and scrambles off, shaking her hair loose again. “She never sits still,” Rima laughs, resignedly.

ICMC Social Worker Helps Refugee Women Speak Their Minds

ICMC social and aid worker, Dalia*, helps Syrian refugee women to speak their minds and overcome silence. Dalia first joined ICMC as a social worker in 2013 and now provides support to both men and women on subjects such as sexual- and gender-based violence, domestic violence and early marriage.

Syrian Refugee Turned Entrepreneur Thanks to ICMC’s Beauty Course in Jordan

Perched among her combs, brushes, and scissors, Batoul* is surrounded by the evidence of her well-earned success. Amongst the many products, one would be forgiven for thinking this scene was not different from any other hair salon in the world. The difference, however, is that Batoul escaped from her home in Homs.