GFMD Civil Society Days: Concrete Solutions From Civil Society to Governments

The Global Forum on Migration and Development will take place in Berlin from 28th to 30th June 2017. The Civil Society Days of the GFMD, an occasion for civil society leaders from all around the world to come together and discuss inputs to the government-led process, will take place on June 29th and July 1st. The Common Space, a formal space for interaction between governments and civil society, will take place on June 30th.

Refugee Children Dream of Becoming Architects so They Can Rebuild Syria

The inevitable bickering starts amongst her family when Loulia, 9, and her 7-year-old sister Lamar begin playing with their fidget spinners – one of the most loved toys among children across the world. Loulia’s toy was spinning on her finger in no time, while Lamar just couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. Meanwhile, in the back room, Teta (Grandma) is spinning circles around both of her grandchildren.

Syrian Children Hope to Go to School One Day to Better Their Lives

Watching a group of children playing in a tree with swings and ropes, one could be forgiven for thinking this scene was nothing out of the ordinary. As the children are called by their mother, the playing and the laughing come to a crashing halt. Seven-year-old Syrian refugee Fatimah runs through a clearing in the trees to the tent that she calls home to get her breakfast. Moments later the climbing and the scrambling continues.

Best Friends Hope to Reunite in Syria One Day

“Meen Heluweh?” (who’s the sweetest?) a young mother says to her toddler, leaning over to braid her tufty hair. There is a strong sense of community where 10-year-old best friends, Mustafa and Mohammad, live as neighbors in Mafraq, Jordan. The courtyard where they are playing radiates high energy.

A Young Syrian Refugee Dreams of Becoming an Actor and Being Reunited With His First Love

Standing in line to take a final bow with a group of friends, Laith clearly has no difficulty performing in front of an audience. Largely improvising, the 16-year-old Syrian refugee confidently delivers the final monologue in the closing scene of a play about mental health. Now out of character, applause fills the community center. The lively group of actors begin to make over-dramatic acting gestures in front of their friends and family, bringing some comic relief to the room.

“We Must Take Care of the Children” Is ICMC’s Resounding Plea at Human Rights Council

The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) delivered a statement at a side event during the 35th Session of the Human Rights Council on the 15 June, which called for increased respect for human rights and mercy for the lives of those who suffer the hardships of migration in Central America.

ICMC Co-Presents a Joint Statement on Protection of Workers at the Annual Meeting of ILO

ICMC co-presented a joint statement on protection of workers at the annual meeting of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva this weekThe statement specifically advocates for the acknowledgement and respect for the rights of migrant workers both inside and outside the workplace.

ARTWORKS Project Will Stage Photo Exhibition Event for World Refugee Day

ICMC Europe, in collaboration with Amnesty International, Caritas International and Serve the City Brussels will present the ART WORKS Project (AWP) photo exhibition Sanctuary/Sustenance, ‘The story of many stories’, in Brussels. The event aims to share World Refugee Day through visuals, music and an open debate, tracing the journey of a family during the calamitous experience of displacement.

Msgr. Vitillo Presents on the Right to Education for Migrant and Refugee Children

This week, ICMC’s Secretary General, Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo, presented on the right to education for refugee and migrant children at the Annual Congress of the International Child Bureau. Held in Paris, the conference aimed to tackle the different problems ranging from the respect of innate human dignity to the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the proper integration of educational rights.