Raphaelle Goyet, Operations Officer at ICMC Geneva

Raphaëlle Goyet is an Operations Officer at ICMC’s Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. She spent several years in the field as an ICMC Resettlement Deployment Scheme staff member, working in collaboration with the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Uganda, Sudan, and Iraq. Currently, she oversees the implementation of ICMC’s programs in Pakistan and Syria.

ICMC Secretary General: Migrants Are No Different Than Our Family and Friends

On International Migrants Day, we recall both the challenges faced my migrants as they move from their home territories to other places in their own countries or elsewhere in the world. We also should be mindful of the contributions which migrants bring to their places where they migrate – strengthening the labor force, mutually exchanging cultural traditions, cuisine, and values with their hosts, and contributing to the overall common good among the whole human family.

International Migrants Day: ICMC Met Haitians at the Mexican Border Seeking a Better Life

International Migrants Day represents an occasion to reflect on the difficult situations faced by migrants all over the world who struggle with poverty, violence and incredible hardship. This is the case, for instance, of the many Haitians who have tried to make their way towards the United States.

“The Time for Action Is Upon Us”: 2016 GFMD Civil Society Days Statement

More than 200 representatives of civil society from over 50 countries, as well as representatives from governments and international organizations, gathered in Bangladesh this week to deliberate on action needed for inclusion, protection and empowerment of migrants, and the governance of migration.

ICMC Secretary General Shares His Advent Reflection With UK Parliament

On the occasion of the annual Advent Parliamentary Reflection, ICMC Secretary General Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo was invited by the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) to share his own considerations with the members of the United Kingdom Parliament.

New Branches, Far-Away Roots: Iraqi Yazidis Thriving in Nebraska

Jane Bloom, ICMC’s Head of Office in the United States, was surprised to learn that nearly 40% of all the Yazidi refugees resettled by ICMC out of Turkey landed in one city in America: Lincoln, Nebraska. She decided to find out why – and traveled to Lincoln in September to meet with these refugees and the provider network that serves them.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Be a Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees

Catholic Charities USA invited people across the United States to join a Day of Prayer with a focus on the plight of refugees and migrants on December 12, 2016, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. “As Christmas approaches and especially on this feast of Our Lady, we are reminded of how our savior Jesus Christ was not born in the comfort of his own home, but rather in an unfamiliar manger,” said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the USCCB.

ICMC Protection Center Celebrates World Mental Health Day Hosting Activities for Mental Well-Being

At the beginning of October, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, ICMC welcomed Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in its Protection Center in Mafraq, Jordan, to gain a better understanding of the multiple manifestations of mental health as well as dismantle stigma and discrimination.

UNHCR Calls for Stronger EU Action on Refugees

UNHCR presented a paper at the European Union yesterday calling for a far-reaching reform of Europe’s global engagement with refugees. The paper entitled ‘Better Protecting Refugees in the EU and Globally’ asks for Europe to offer more strategic support to countries of origin, asylum and transit of refugees, and to set up a more efficient and transparent asylum system.

ICMC And Partners Call for Coherent, Participative Approach in Adopting Global Compact on Migration

ICMC, ICVA and the New York Committee on Migration recently delivered a joint statement at UN Office in Geneva during a meeting with Ambassador Juan José Gomez Camacho (Mexico) and Ambassador Jürg Lauber (Switzerland), appointed by Peter Thomson, president of the UN General Assembly, as “co-facilitators” for an intergovernmental inclusive process to create and adopt a new Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in 2018.