Admissions of Refugees From Syria: “What Is Needed Is Solution Sharing, Not Only Responsibility Sharing”

On the occasion of the ministerial-level meeting on global responsibility sharing through pathways for admission of Syrian refugees, convened by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees today in Geneva, the International Catholic Migration Commission reiterated its call for global practical solutions to address the Syrian refugee crisis.

Protecting People First, Not Borders

Last Friday, just days from the fifth anniversary of the Syrian war, ICMC took the floor during a session of the United Nations Human Rights Council decrying the serious protection gaps which are currently affecting migrants and refugees and calling for the urgent adoption of a global, solutions-oriented approach to the current situation.

Refugee Crisis in Europe: At the Borders of Humanity

Last Monday’s summit meeting on refugees in Brussels confirmed once more the priority given to the protection of borders over the protection of people. Millions of refugees’ lives and future have now been made the object of a mercantile process led by Europe, cradle of the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan Struggle to Survive

Noor* is a Syrian refugee woman living in a city in Northern Jordan together with her nine children: six boys and three girls. Noor fled Homs, her home town, three years ago with her husband and children. Shortly after their arrival, her husband – who had been working illegally in Jordan – was caught by the police and deported back to Syria. Since then, Noor has been raising her children on her own.  The youngest of them is less than one year old.