A Refugee From Ethiopia Stranded on a Boat in the Mediterranean

Abu Kurke Kabeto is a young man from the Oromo region of Ethiopia. He currently lives in the Netherlands with his wife and his two years-old child. Escaping from discrimination and repression against Oromo people in his country, Abu Kurke left Ethiopia in 2008 and went to Sudan. Through the Sahara desert he then reached Libya in 2009. In 2011, he crossed the Mediterranean in search of a better life in Europe: he spent two weeks stranded at sea, without food or water.

Refugee Resettlement and Integration in Europe: the SHARE Network Discusses Experiences and Lessons Learnt in Brussels

Over 140 representatives from 20 European countries including regional and local authorities, cities and municipalities, civil society organizations, citizens’ initiatives, previously resettled refugees and international organizations gathered in Brussels on 20 October to discuss experiences and lessons learnt during the three years since the SHARE Network was established.

Global Forum on Migration and Development: Civil Society Calls on Governments to Make Better Choices

The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), held this week in Istanbul, brought together over 500 government delegates from more than 140 countries, some 300 leaders of civil society worldwide and high-level delegates from UN and international agencies to discuss the relation between migration and development, share experiences and forge practical cooperation.

ICMC’s President Peter Sutherland Visits the ICMC-run Resettlement Support Center in Istanbul

This morning, ICMC’s President Peter Sutherland took a few hours off his engagements as United Nations Special Representative for International Migration to visit the Resettlement Support Center for Turkey and Middle East (RSC Tu ME), which ICMC operates in Istanbul. Since the 1960’s, the RSC accompanies the refugees referred by UNHCR in the steps preceding resettlement.