A Mini Grants Program Promotes Equality and Prevents Gender-Based Violence in Malaysia

A number of events and activities aimed at preventing sexual and gender-based violence within the Burmese refugee communities were recently organized by ICMC Malaysia. Through the mini grants program, small allowances are offered to refugee community organizations in order to actualize projects and community-based solutions to sexual and gender-based violence.

A Syrian Family Finds Protection in the Netherlands

Geneva, 20 June 2015 – Amira* and Shayma* are sisters and lived in Damascus for most of their life. They left Syria in early 2014 to escape violence. Amira was pregnant and was anxious about giving birth in a country where access to medical care and security were no longer guaranteed due to the ongoing conflict. With her husband and her sister, she decided to seek refuge in Lebanon. After spending some weeks in Beirut, they moved to Istanbul, where they joined other friends from Syria, who had also escaped the brutality of the conflict.

World Refugee Day 2015: A Starting Block for Better Pooled Governance in Refugee Protection and Migration

Geneva, 18 June 2015 – The Syrian conflict has uprooted 11.5 million people – half of the Syrian population. Political solutions seem farther away than ever, the humanitarian response is weakening in efficiency by the day and international debates focus more on the individual capacity of the nations to host people rather than on the urgent need to develop together adequate support and end the conflict.

Syrian Women and Children Find Support at the ICMC Protection Center in Northern Jordan

Ramia, her husband and her children have escaped the Syrian conflict and are currently living in Mafraq, an urban area in Northern Jordan. To better manage stress, Ramia often comes to the ICMC Protection Center, where she can attend focus group discussions and talk about her problems. “I feel fortunate to have found someone who wants to hear my story”, she says.